Walking around on summer day with tank top

A. Tank top – a shirt for all men
If men used to use the tank top as a bra or to exercise, then today this shirt makes a dynamic and cool Summer fashion style. It is true that this model is usually worn confidently by the men with a solid and muscular body, but the flexibility of the tank top can enhance many body shapes, all skin colors as well as All ages are different.

B. How to mix stylish tank tops for hot days

  1. Tank top + jeans
    If you are a fan of the energetic and energetic style of your daily dress, the combination of tank top and jeans is the ideal idea. You can wear it to appointments with friends or afternoon coffee. Finally, choose a pair of stylish trainers (or sandals) to finish your set.

In addition, all-white or all-black costume styles are also impressive mixes that help you score points of appearance even though you are wearing a shirt that is extremely comfortable, youthful and a little bohemian. Choose a headband, bracelets, key-chains and panama hats to play with the boho-chic trend that will take the throne this summer.

  1. Tank top + joggers / cargo / track pants
    Combo tank top and joggers (or cargo or track pants) is a mix for the followers of active sport-chic style. You can choose a pair of joggers in elastic material or khaki to match with tank tops. To enhance your fashion style, you can choose a pair of trainers (or chunky sneakers) to finish the set according to the personality of the dress and personal taste.
  2. Tank top + shorts
    Referring to the summer, in addition to tank top, shorts will be the next item called by men. Whether it’s a holiday outfit or a streetwear, the combination of tank top and shorts is always bohemian, comfortable, suitable for outdoor activities.

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