Top 3 most played fashion games that can turn on the fashionista in you

Fashion and beauty are always a hot topic for girls. However, not many ladies out there will get a chance to turn in a fashionista. Here we have all in the game online world for you to try on. You can quickly turn your game character into new looks just by clicking and dragging. Let’s scroll down and check for this list of 5 fashion games that are loved to play by many girls. You may find your fashionista version just right below.

1. The Fashion Celebrity Challenge

Do you always look up for all the models, singers or actresses styles on the red carpet or any events? This game is definitely for you. When the celebrities’ world is a leading beauty trendsetter, this game becomes the most played by ladies. You can put on and off all the clothes as our famous celebs just in minutes. You can look just like your new idols or create your owned styles by this free game online.  

2. Fashion for design

Want to style your outfit that becomes eye-catching wherever you are? Try this free fashion game and be your owned designer. You can experience the freedom of creating styles as you wish when playing this. You can try on a wide range of fashion styles, from casual to dress up like a pro. It can be great looks from recent trendy fashion week or just a casual style for your daily looks. This game is such a must-to-try for anyone that dream to be a real designer.

3. Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Making a mistake or become a fashion terrorist is always a nightmare for girls. With this game, you can avoid being in those awkward moments. When mix matches a new style, you sometimes get it in the wrong way. Worry no more with this free fashion game. It will help you to mix your style better. You can combine clothes in many ways as you like, but the game will notify you that it is dos or don’ts. Wearing on a stylish and attractive appearance will be much more right.  

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