Tips to choose the right clothes for each sport and body shape (part 1)

Choose clothes for Gym – Cardio & Weightlifting

Gym is all about cardio and weight training, which means you need comfortable outfits to run, stretch and squat. Choose pants that are moderately stretchy and workout tops should not be too long. You will definitely need to invest in a good supportive sports bra. You will also need good running shoes and gloves to lift weights.

Choose clothes for outdoor activities – Walking, Running and Climbing

If you’re running or walking in mild weather, opt for casual pants, leggings or tight pants or even shorts if it’s summer. A pair of pants is compatible with the outside temperature and has a belt that does not overlap.

For mountaineering, the choice of outfit depends on where you are going. If you are climbing around your neighborhood, you can wear regular exercise clothes, if in a new location or in another city, check the weather and study the terrain to choose suitable exercise. well suited.

Choose clothes for Zumba dance / HIIT practice

Zumba is an intense exercise, although there are several types of variations that can be moderately intense. It involves a lot of movement, running and jumping around, so you need to wear good absorbent pants, fit and comfortable.

The same is true with other forms of HIIT training, although it takes a shorter time but it also costs you a lot of energy and sweat. A sports bra with good wicking and protective shoes is an item you should buy now!


Wear a suitable workout shirt or choose a long tank top because yoga exercises involve sitting, twisting and moving up and down. So you need a moderately fit and sexy workout outfit.

Choose long pants or mezzanines with thick straps combined with the upper body as a tank top or padded T-shirt. Another important thing that most of us tend to overlook is that yoga underwear should use the underwear type, not the loose form.

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