These types of linen costumes are indispensable in the summer wardrobe

Rustic but not boring, linen clothing converges enough advantages of natural materials. Which item should you not ignore at the end of this summer.

For every level of summer, clothing made from natural materials such as linen, tights, silk, and cotton became a top concern. The most widely known of these, simple and elegant linen dresses are the “nail” products of many brands. From fashion office, street to party, linen is always favored when the sunny season begins. Although it was late in the summer, it was not too late to shop for a linen item.


On a lightweight linen material, the casual shirt becomes softer and more feminine. Neutral colors such as black, white, cream, beige create a cool feeling for office girls. A blazer jacket for the overall look, elegant when attending a formal event or a surprise appointment in the evening.


Linen dress is a resonant design between liberal form shape and cool natural material. Alternating neutral color palette is pink pastel, mustard yellow or celestial blue, each tone as the emotions of the Summer day when it is calm, peaceful and lively.


For girls looking for their own imprint, stylized blouse, T-shirt like the last exciting dance of Summer. Wide t-shirt, t-shirt with matching shorts or short skirt, wide-legged pants form an interesting mix. Don’t forget to make accents with accessories such as sedge hats, sedge sandals, sea earrings or inspirational necklaces.


For a non-rushing weekend, a set of jumpsuit linen or pants shorts comfortably combined with a simple T-shirt, you’re ready for the fun with your friends. Rustic linen, simple but not boring. Dressing in linen clothes doesn’t require too much coordination. The perfect tones for linen compositions are white-brown. Accessories such as sedge sandals, sedge hats combine rhythmically with the simple, rustic look of the material surface.


The strong creativity of fashion houses at Spring – Summer Fashion Week 2019 is also shown through a series of richly shaped accessories and closely coordinated with the spirit of each collection. Rodarte led the mystical world into the spring garden with veil designs made of high-quality tulle. Valentino left his mark with oversized hats modified from raffia.

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