The world’s top 10 men’s fashion brands (part 3)

 8. Hugo Boss

True to the German style, the name Hugo Boss partly describes the style of fashion of a true “German boss”. Market share in 110 countries, with over 6100 showrooms and 330 retail stores and over 1000 stores owned by their brands. The whole world fashion village must recognize Hugo Boss with a look of affection and admiration for the appearance and solidity of a office fashion business that strongly strikes the European style and the perfection of quality. material. Established and operated since 1924 and provided uniforms to the military after joining Nazi membership. After the fall of Germany in 1945, Hugo boss (founder) was sentenced in 1948. However, the brandHugo Boss still exists and today, we have enjoyed its sweet fruit.

9. Dolce & Gabbana

Recently, the company has just organized 20 years of design. The two co-founders of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana showed elegance and unlimited time in their designs. Designers have acknowledged their designs as “luxury, internationalization and innovation.”

10. Armani

Armani ranks among the top 10 men’s fashion brands, one of Italy’s many established brands. Annual revenue reaches 1.6 billion USD with 2000 stores worldwide.

Armani deserves more times with two “subtle” words, as well as no concept of “splendor” in brand identity. Giorgio Armani has been dubbed the color-saving fashion designer, characterized by a streamlined creative style, focusing on moderation and upholding the application that has been shaped over many decades of this famous brand. Along with Versace, 2 world famous fashion brands from Italy, were born in the period of 70s and have an independent brand management model, these two names evoke many measures. Comparative style. However, “Versace is all that is not Armani” and vice versa.

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