The world’s top 10 men’s fashion brands (part 1)

1. Ralph Lauren

As a premium and expensive brand, Polo Ralph Lauren is the leader in the men’s fashion brand in terms of sales (especially outstanding revenue figures in the US). The owner of this brand Ralph Rueben Lifshitz (Ralph Lauren) did not go to any fashion design course, instead, was a salesman for Brooks Brothers from the sixties. In 1967, with financial support from a friend, Lauren opened a shirt shop, displaying his own designs, with the brand “Polo”.

In 1970, Ralph Lauren won the COTY award for his products. Around the same time, Lauren also released a series of tailored, vintage-cut female suits. In 1972, Lauren launched Polo shirt with famous 24 colors and quickly became classic models of the fashion industry. Today, Ralph Lauren is based in the US and the majority of men prefer the quality and design. In 2009, Ralph Lauren reported annual revenues of $ 11 billion.

2. Diesel

Powerful, luxurious, Diesel‘s Italian style receives wide attention from men especially young people with jeans. Diesel products are diversified and plentiful, especially emphasizing innovation and youthful innovation. Diesel’s is widely known by sponsoring Diesel- U- Music and Sudance Film Festival programs.

3. Calvin Klein

CK has become a familiar name for “passionate” young and passionate people. From sportswear, to T-shirt and underwear, CK has shown himself to be a real big man when he offers a range of outstanding designs. Few people don’t know about CK’s classic brands like “Eternity” “Obsession” and “CK One“. Since the 90s, CK has put great emphasis on marketing its brand through billiard competitions, music performances and movies. In 2008, Calvin Klein’s achieved $ 5.8 billion in revenue.

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