The Spring – Summer 2020 collections of Jil Sander Spring and Tom Ford

Jil Sander’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection shows the duo Luke & Lucie Meier trying to find balance in chaos.

It’s also Minimalist but also divided into three branches, but unlike other fashion houses, inheriting Jil Sander’s legacy is not easy. We must ensure the brand’s DNA is retained, has a unique personality, and is also timely and well received by the public. Luke & Lucie have been creative co-directors at the brand for two years, and their style is clearly New Minimalism promoting comfort, generosity and simplicity.

This collection is no exception with a wide and long outfit, including a long, flattering tunic. Indigenous cultural elements are clearly shown through hand-woven sedge details and costume designs and natural materials such as silk, thighs.

Collection Tom Ford Spring – Summer 2020: When the sumptuous meets nature playing the street

And very thoroughly, Tom took the catwalk to the subway, the space that is so typical of the New York Underground world.

When talking about Tom Ford, we will immediately think of luxurious elegance, mixed with luxurious enjoyment and of course, not shy. Still the same factors, but the CFDA Spring-Summer 2020 collection has another interesting and novel feature: the dusty taste of the Underground.

The performance space was chosen as New York’s subway station, which is considered the world of opposition to the lavish New York. The opening outfit summarizes the purpose of combining the dusty street with the elegance of Tom: A wide-sleeved t-shirt to reveal brawny biceps worn with long skirts reminiscent of Haute Couture designs. So until the end of the collection, each design was mixed with two contrasting elements on familiar items of street artists such as oversized costumes, elastic waistband details, and caps.

Although in the space of the subway, we still feel the atmosphere of lavish parties. In the dim purple light, the neon-colored designs stand out as dances in the vibrant melody of endless night parties.

The unseen eroticism of Tom Ford certified from the Gucci era continues to appear. The most visible and also the most noticeable is that the bra is molded in nude breasts, very daring and very sexy. These special bra also recall the classic “armor” of Issey Miyake in the 1980s.

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