The most fashionable jacket for the winter of 2019

Winter is a special favorite season for ladies who love fashion because besides beautiful dresses, winter also allows women to wear a variety of jackets that are both warm and trendy.

Here are 5 types of coats that are easy to wear, easy to coordinate, and very rarely outdated. Just own these 5 shirts in the closet, make sure his girlfriend wants to wear badly that also have to lose a lot of mind.

1. Oversize blazer

Blazer – the shirt that comes with suits is now not only used to perfect stereotypes. The applicability of this costume has become much more diverse, especially with the wide blazer style, the type that you can wear with halter skirts is also beautiful, with jeans are also very active and with the skirt of the office skirt. Who dares to complain. This winter, just need an oversize blazer, tasting a bit of textures both classic and hot trend, make sure you will often reach the top wearing nice work, study place to see!

2. Long dress with belt

If there is a lady who is not interested in a long coat, the reason is simply because she owns a small stature, afraid that this type of jacket will “swallow” if she often wears it. But do not worry, because the evidence is that many fashionista not so tall in the world have been loyal to this style for many years but still very stylish, trendy, simply because they have stock. buttons and buckles custom, help the wearer can leave the buttons open or closed buttons and tighten the belt for the waist is very beautiful.

3. Moderately long wool coat

While the short cardigan, even croptop is ascending the throne, the long cardigan does not lose the long established position. This is the type of shirt you can wear while running from home to the street doing a couple of unnamed jobs, or maybe the type of shirt that you will discover all the ways to coordinate and remind yourself not to let the Its minimalist fool. Indeed, long cardigan has many ways to wear well and there is no reason not to own at least a few in the closet.

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