Pastel clothing: Everything to know (Part 4)

Pastel Color Block: The color blocking trend pulls off sweet sophistication. In other words, you will go pastel on top. Or else, do so on the bottom. Be sure you stick to single colors rather than prints. Also, two pieces from a similar color in varying shades work while you choose to wear dark pants with the pastel top. Do you feel extra-happy? Then, go with a pastel top and bright bottoms.

• Pastels Ombre: Ombre hair has become a huge trend. Then, why not use ombre clothing as well? This multi-colored effect will bring back the tie-dye days. You can leverage oversized knit sweaters.

Denim Pastel: Whether it is shorts, pants, or skirts, denim plays a considerable part in any wardrobe daily. Pairing them with one pastel shirt Or you can dress under one denim jacket, which will make for one lovely way of wearing your pastel colors.

• Textures and Prints: Textures are mainly trending, which means your ruffled shorts and lacy skirts can look mixed in with the lovely pastels. Adding prints in the bold or light hues is to be expected now as well. They will look great when worn together.

• Pastel and Leather: The chic rocker appearance is as beautiful as the innocent and sweet one which pastels evoke. It can be achieved with ease by adding on leather for easing the femininity while making sure that the edginess comes with a softer side. When put on with a neutral-colored piece of leather, you can attain more professional designs as well.

• Bold Pastel Colors: Whether it is a metallic hue or bold pastel print, putting it on will help your final result. It can come in particularly handy when knowing what to wear for your night, or on your essential events.

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