Many Famous Brands and Fashionistas Contribute to Fight COVID-19 (part 2)

Fashion brands have volunteered to use facilities to produce medical equipment supporting the frontline against COVID-19.

Over the past week, many major fashion and cosmetics brands have been working with the COVID-19 anti-epidemic community. After Gucci announced the anti-epidemic donation platform in the media, other brands also in turn revealed the community activities they are supporting.

While many manufacturing facilities in France were forced to close due to the stress of the COVID-19 epidemic, Dior decided to bring the Baby Dior workshop in Redon, Brittany back to operation. Volunteers work at the factory to produce masks that provide health care workers in the frontline against SARS-CoV-19 virus.

The brand expresses its gratitude to the solidarity and volunteer spirit of tailors and weavers in the fashion house.

During the COVID-19 crisis in France, the Hermès brand will donate 20 million euros to Paris’ public hospital system. The fashion house also supports more than 30 tons of hand sanitizer produced by the perfume production facility in Vaudreuil and more than 31,000 masks from different Hermès factories.

Support activities are not limited to France but also to all localities where Hermès is present. In addition, to support employees at the brand, Hermès maintains the basic salaries of its employees worldwide without relying on government bailouts.

In Italy, meanwhile, the Giorgio Armani brand halted all clothing and apparel activities, shifting to manufacturing disposable medical gowns. These products will be used by health workers in the epidemic area.

In addition, in the UK, Burberry fashion house decided to use trench coat factory in Yorkshire to produce medical gowns and masks for patients at hospitals across the UK. Burberry’s global supply chain also quickly provided more than 100,000 masks for UK health workers.

Burberry also provided funding for research of COVID-19 epidemic vaccines at Oxford University, as well as contributions to UK food funds such as FareShare and The Felix Project.

In the past weeks, L’Oréal has directed the entire group’s support to the medical staff, patient care and pharmacists who are on the front line, facing risks in treatment efforts. patient. Measures being taken by the group include programs in Europe.

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