Many Famous Brands and Fashionistas Contribute to Fight COVID-19 (part 1)

Many fashion brands, artists, fashionistas are contributing to COVID-19 anti-epidemic support fund locally and internationally.

The first COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund was established to raise money to support the prevention, detection, and combat of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the present time, the H&M Foundation has pledged to donate US $ 500,000 for relief efforts.

As the COVID-19 outbreak began to intensify in Europe, major fashion brands and corporations such as LVMH and Kering donated a great deal of support to local and international health facilities.

  • The Kering Group donated the US $ 1 million to the Hubei Red Cross.
  • LVMH Group has done financial support to Wuhan and other cities. They also temperately stopped making perfumes and cosmetics. They produce hand sanitizer instead.
  • Giorgio Armani also helped Italy to fight COVID-19 with € 1.25 million.
  • Moncler has funded 10 million Euro. That money is used to build a new hospital in Milan. This city is in danger with great numbers of infected people.
  • Two intensive care units are supported to a hospital in Milan by Prada too.
  • Nike helped prevent viruses with $ 1 million for the Fund ans $ 15 million for medical staff in theOregon and other epidemic areas.
  • Versace donated 200,000 Euro to San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and 1 million RMB to the Chinese Red Cross.

In addition, many artists, fashionista and representatives of some brands also donated individually as they wish to help prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Chiara Ferragni, a fashionista, has initiated a fundraising program on the internet.
  • The US Feeding America charity has received many contributions from celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Jimmy Fallon, Vanessa Hudgens, etc.
  • Marco Bizzarri, Gucci creative director, also give 100,000 Euro to the Emilia Romagna region in Italy.
  • Beijing Chunmiao Children’s Charity Foundation has recieved US $ 29,000 from Justin Bieber. He wants to support COVID-19 treatment in China.
  • Lady Gaga has a cosmetic brand named Haus Lab. She gives 20% of sales from that to support food in Los Angeles as well as New York.

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