Latest trends at spring-summer men’s fashion week 2019

vLatest trends at spring-summer men's fashion week 2019

The gentlemen appeared in Paris fashion capital with a series of stylish printed logo or floral motifs.

Logo outfit

Recently, the style of clothing that features the animated logo of the brand has become a worldwide fever. Appearing at this year’s fashion week, many male customers also follow this trend with a unique combination with accessories.

The abbreviated characters or typical patterns of the brand are also enough to help believers show off their stylish fashion on the street. People often choose clothes from big fashion brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Valentino.

Striped outfits

Every year, this pattern is designed by various designers to suit the tastes of the customers. This year’s fashion trend is not an exception when many male fashionistas choose striped shirts with striking colors on the street.

Plaid patterns are applied to many designs with different sizes. This trend continues to bring freshness to the mix of casual clothes or high-heeled sneakers.

Elegant suit

The suits are indispensable in a gentleman’s wardrobe. During the spring and summer fashion week of 2019, the male orchestra has more choices for this design in color, texture, and material.

The spacious, comfortable suits, inspired by the 1970s appear quite a lot. In addition, the stylish look is also expressed through a combination of trendy accessories such as cross-over handbags or unique round-rimmed glasses.

Crossover bag

2017 marks the return of cross-over bags. By 2018, this accessory has yet to show signs of cooling down, when many gentlemen are enthusiastically promoted at the spring-summer fashion week.

vLatest trends at spring-summer men's fashion week 2019

The convenience of side-by-side bags makes it easy for users to do anything without getting stuck in their hands. Big brands also launched many unique accessories that combined logomania trends. This has become the reason why cross-pattern handbags are still a hot trend of 2019.

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