How will be the 2019 world fashion?

How will be the 2019 world fashion?

2019 will be an uneasy year for the fashion industry.

Asian as a Promised Land

In the year 2019, most fashion corporations try to focus on stimulating growth in other markets. By the end of 2018, many brands have organized special events to take care of customers in the Asian market, showing that the continent is still the major consuming market for today and in the future.

In recent years, the economies of Southeast Asian countries have developed significantly. Observing how the people of Southeast Asia purchase when traveling abroad, it can be seen that the demand for shopping in this area is not bad.

The East Asian market, especially Korea and Japan, will also be given more attention by the stable purchasing power and long-term consumption habits. However, there will be many challenges in this market because many domestic brands are not inferior to foreign countries.

Green fashion trends and unisex fashion

Environmental awareness of fashion consumers is increasingly improved. Leather and fleece will continue to be used as a material from the reused food industry. But fur and reptile skin will be significantly reduced. The materials predicted to be on the throne must have outstanding features such as light, durable, good absorbent, not wrinkled, etc.

In terms of usage habits, consumers will tend to reuse old goods and wear a longer item by being aware of fashion waste to the environment.

How will be the 2019 world fashion?

As can be seen in the last few years, fashion catwalks have changed a lot with the appearance of transgender models. Women’s costumes look stronger with colors, designs as well as materials. In contrast, men’s fashion is somewhat softer, not to mention the services or cosmetics for men.

To end up

For nearly 10 years, fashion has always been changing to create a trend and certainly in 2019, this will not be an exception.

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