How to mix coats fashionably from street styles at Paris Fashion Week 2019?

Women fashion 2019

From catwalks to streets, the capital of light Paris became a feast for the eyes of fashionistas around the world with an impressive “fashion party”. The event took place in the cold late autumn with prolonged rains that are a wonderful time to be decked out in jacket styles. This year, the Paris Fashion Week 2019 will bring many impressive mixes & match suggestions for cold season fashion.


Blazers are definitely an indispensable item in the autumn wardrobe of every girl. With a simple design and high applicability, blazers were favored by many fashionistas at the Paris Fashion Week. Not only does a blazer help keep warm but it can be easily combined with various clothing styles as well.


With thick material and sturdy form, denim jackets will be a perfect choice for girls to keep warm but at the same time not lose the active and dynamic appearance of the outfit. In addition to the familiar jean blue, denim jackets have a lot of new colors such as brown, green, etc. that are well-matched with many other clothes.


Mezzanine jackets are used by fetishists as a T-shirt mixed with wide tube jeans. These kinds of jackets look extremely fashionable when combined with patterned trousers and bags of the same tones. This whole outfit comes with dark colors that are typical in autumn and winter but does not cause the boring feelings.


Tweed clothes are also one of the most prevalent street styles at the Paris Fashion Week. Tweed fabric is widely applied to jacket designs since it not only has a good warm-keeping effect but also is an elegant and luxurious plus for the whole. With a tweed fabric jacket, you can comfortably change the style from minimalism, elegance to charm and impression.

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