Gucci Spring – Summer 2019 Collection: The Immortality of Fashion

Gucci Spring - Summer 2019 Collection

It is not exaggerating to say that Michele is the master of the Gucci revival. The classic design way of Gucci comes back with the newly released collection in Milan Fashion Week.

The famous fashion designer, Allesandro Michele, recreates the historical classic style in the 2019 Spring Summer Gucci collection. If you follow Michele’s shows regularly, you probably cannot avoid the feeling of shivering. This feeling comes from the dark and obscure atmosphere covering the catwalk in recent shows.

The old film scenes

Starting the show Gucci Spring Summer 2019 was a surreal film filmed in 1970. There was the scene of a girl’s terrible trip to a deserted country house. She wore very creepy makeup with dark eyes and gestures of mental patients.

Following the show is a scene that simulated a surgery room with the bizarre identity of Fall Winter 2018. Michele brought the audience to the sacred land of Le Palace in Paris. This is the place where the nightclubs dominated in the late 70s, early 80s. People came to the old theater in Montmartre to experience sleepless nights.

Nightclubs revolted in the 1980s

Costumes with sparkling material, luxurious yarn and fringes, ostrich feathers, leopard prints that dominate the women’s outfit. That was the impression the Gucci spring – summer fashion show brought to the audience. The trend of the 80s clearly reflected through the bulging shoulder details.

In addition to that were the high-waist vests of the 1970s with striking neon colors. Besides pit necklace, Mickey Mouse shaped handbag, Gucci also introduced some new accessories in this season. For example, glasses designed like a fancy sleeping mask, white sneakers with green accents reminiscent of shoes on the tennis court.

In this season, the freaky but impressive scene is the boy with underwear outside his pants. The collection is like a powerful statement about personality.

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