Fashion trends will prevail in 2019

Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shorts appeared simultaneously on Spring / Summer 2019 fashion catwalk. This costume is designed by the fashion designer in the world. This design is very popular in Princess Diana’s time.

This fashion helps women with long legs and more charm. The pattern of cycling pants can be coordinated with oversized, High-heeled sandals for embellishments. However, if you combine with flip-flops, you will lose the delicacy of the costume.

Fashion’s tie-dye.

Tie-dye is a trend of mixing hot colors. Designers were inspired by the 1960s. Experts believe that this is the Fashion trends pursued by fashionista in 2019. Apparel dye-dye dye should be combined with accessories in the same color.

Fringed details

Street style devotees are very fond of costumes with fringed details. This style appears in the design of many Famous designers in the world. fringed details will be more prominent when designed with the skirt and wearing the same hoodie oversize.

Jacket over the shoulder

Jacket over the shoulder is a trend of fever in 2019. This is a strongness and luxury design. This design has appeared in the 1880s and 2017. Female is very fond of this fashion because it can be combined with many different costumes.

Living coral tone

In 2019, Living coral tone will be the color of the year. The color tone suggests Ecosystem, where the reefs are being bleached day by day for Climate Change. Pantone Color Institute announced Living coral as the main color in the fashion industry, the cosmetics industry, and furniture industry. Living coral was trendsetters by Marc Jacobs, Adam or Sies Marjan … Spring / Summer 2019 fashion catwalk. This is also the color favored by followers of fashion.

Here are 5 fashion trends that are being loved in 2019. You can view more Posts on the topic of fashion on our website.

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