7 types of costumes are expected to be obsolete in 2019

1. Mom Jeans pants

Mom Jeans is a kind of pants that created great attraction in the past years, however, this year is the time to really say goodbye to these pants. Mom Jeans with rough pants, wide will swallow your nappy legs and make you lack more feminine.

If you like to wear jeans, wear high waist jeans like skinny jeans or flared jeans. In 2019, the trend of flared jeans has returned, designers are increasingly favoring this type of pants.

2. Ring sleeves

Ring sleeves have been in vogue since 2015. However, its attraction is decreasing. Moreover, they are easier to dirty, difficult to map, so they are getting less and wearier.

If you want to wear a shirt with wide sleeves, choose bo sleeve and they are both comfortable and stylish.

3. Cowboy boots

Although cowboy boots are comfortable and warm, they are clear with hard, thick, and monotonous colors that are losing their status to countless other stylish and elegant shoe designs. Please wear high heels or boots depending on your preference.

4. Austrian crop top baggy

Baggy crop top shirts look like a square sack and make the wearer become more dwarf, obscuring the charming curves on your body.

Instead of wearing a wide crop top shirt, wear a frozen T-shirt or a T-shirt. However, please use it when wearing it, so, your waist will be emphasized to help your body balance, neater.

5. Open-toe clogs

Open-toe clogs were once favored by comfort, but obviously, they looked rather odd and lack of elegance.

Instead of wearing heels, you can wear shoes, sandals or high heels. Or if you like comfort you can choose sports shoes, slip, toms shoes, Oxford for example.

6. Waist bag

The waste bag was extremely popular in 2017-2018 by convenience. However, it is clear that it looks very poor and even obscures your waistline.

In 2019, the replaceable bag type is a saddle bag. It is both compact and fashionable.

7. Pointed turtleneck boots

Pointed turtleneck boots are no longer popular and are gradually forgotten.

Instead, you can choose pairs of boots, high heels or pairs of boots with round noses.

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