6 hottest spring fashion trends for Asian women in 2019

6 hottest spring fashion trends for Asian women in 2019

These trends for Asian women have been influenced much from abroad, especially those coming from Korea. It has an easy character, honoring the personality and cuteness of women.

Jean and high heels

High heels became one of the “strong points” for women. If you want to be simple with a pair of jeans – or break out with classic blue jeans, try matching with high heels to have a new and modern look.


In fact, the trend of women’s fashion never lacks t-shirts in their closet. This simple kind of clothes brings comfort and is also a great combination to express your personality.

You can also combine T-shirts with jeans and a fashionable belt for women if you want to stand out more.


Denim jacket is a new 2019 fashion trend for Asian women. Match a light blue denim jacket with a shirt and white or blue jeans to have the best set. A short Denim skirt is also the perfect choice for Asian women.

6 hottest spring fashion trends for Asian women in 2019

Street Style

This style has a variety of colors. And just like its name, it brings liberty, comfort in every step. Street fashion trends 2019 may be short tanktop shirts combined with long Ulzzang pants, long T-shirts that stand out with torn khaki pants.

Long jacket

This is probably a popular female fashion trend. If you want to go to the street and still ensure your health and fashion, you can use long jackets for outerwear. They just keep warm but still ensure fashion.


When it comes to winter fashion, you can also incorporate sweaters and pullovers to use them with a Korean spread skirt. Beret is a good choice for you to set this item to look more outstanding.

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